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February 4, 2013


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Lisa G.

Cuddl Duds are very good, made of nylon with cotton on the inside. They're quite thin and very warm. I've heard that silk thermals don't go in the dryer, but Cuddl Duds do. They have short pants, long pants, vests, short sleeves, long sleeves, v-necks, crewnecks.


Great post! I really like wearing fleece lined leggings under my skirts, especially these: http://www.deborahandco.com/fleece-lined-leggings/ as they are silky smooth on the outside so they don't cling to your skirt. :)


Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! Love the cowgirl boots in the first picture. :) I definitely agree with the suggestion of wearing leggings and tights - It's such a simple way to be warmer in the winter while wearing skirts! I find that boots are nice and warm, too, and scarves are another way to add warmth to an outfit in these chilly winter months. And layering is super helpful during these cold months, not to mention cute. :) I always appreciate ideas on this topic, so thanks so much, Long ladies! =)


I love wearing fleece lined leggings in the winter - they keep me so warm! The majority of my skirts are handmade and I have been known to wear my cotton skirts when the temp is 10 degrees and snowing! If I layer right and wear leggings I usually stay pretty warm!


Oh, and I forgot to add that I posted a few suggestions on my blog a while back about keeping warm while wearing skirts on chilly days. The ideas aren't too new or amazing, but here's the link :) Blessings! http://joyfuljewels4jesus.blogspot.com/2010/12/chilly-days-in-skirts.html


Hello Girls!! Can you remember where you got the two flower printed leggings/tights? They are so cute. I have looked at a couple stores but can not find what I want. Thank you!

the Long ladies

Hi Brooke!

We got the black flower leggings (top picture) from American Eagle in the clearance department. The small floral patterned tights are from Anthropologie (a few years ago) and the other flowery tights (in the bottom right) are from Forever21.

We would recommend looking for them on eBay too (especially the Anthro printed ones). Actually, we’ve gotten an Anthro pair from there before. We wish you success! Having printed tights and leggings really help brighten up the winter!

Much love,
the Long ladies

Joy @ Caspara

I would add that vintage slips (I purchased mine at the thrift store) add a nice little layer of warmth. I layer them over tights and leggings. And I wear boots a LOT with them -- so much that I am starting to wear my boots out and getting tired (*gasp!* did I really just say that?!) of them... :-/

Linda H.

Yes. Another recommendation is to move south! LOL I did that seven months ago - moved from Iowa to Florida - and don't miss winter cold one little bit!


I agree with layers. I wear wear tights, a tricot slip then a cotton slip. It keeps me warm even with our cold Utah winters.

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